A positive mindset accompanied by a clear vision leads to wealth.

Our mission is to help the least fortune ones  handle the challenges and barriers toward their goal achievement road.

Our Impact

Empowering Minds

At VAV, we believe Empowered Mindsets are unstoppable. Due to difficult life circumstances, people's  perspective of life may become dim and this mental position may be very hard to overcome with little support to no support. This is where we come in. We meet folks where they're at, supporting and connecting them to personalized help until they have demonstrated an adequate level independence.

Strengthening Community Bonds

Attitude is contagious. A positive result of actively strengthening people is a stronger community. Through our interactions with clients, businesses, and everyday people,  we promote the culture of sharing resources and helping others, especially those less fortunate than us. Mindfulness, gratitude, and community efficacy are key components of this. By modeling what this looks like as an organization through services our values will collectively shift for the better.  

Lifting the Vulnerable

Vulnerable: "capable of being wounded." Using the "Circle of Wellness" as our basis, we assess the overall wellness level of our clients. Taking this comprehensive approach, we then strategically address the areas of concern of our clients to help them best achieve their self-defined version of success. We help anyone with what we consider substantial barriers and lack of access to resources.

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